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This is How Much Time You Have Left

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Did you know that there’s an imbalance between how time actually passes and how our brains perceive it? That is the reason why time flies when you’re having fun while it drags when you’re insanely bored (especially during that one meeting right before lunch break).

It’s our brains. It perceives time inaccurately. As a result, we sometimes think our lives could go on forever. We always put off working for our goals at a later time, complacent with the thought of tomorrow, or next month. 

But guess what, your time is limited. 

Surprise, surprise. 

You’re not Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow (Well, even he had a limit, so there’s that.)

Now, look at the image below.

Your Life in Weeks

That’s right, it’s your entire life measured in circles, your highly visual and measurable time on Earth.

Each circle represents a month in your life from birth to 90 years (and that’s assuming you are fortunate enough to reach 90 years old)

I’m currently 24 years old and this is how my life calendar looks like:

24-Year Life in Months

Scary, right? Our lives are actually measurable and hauntingly limited. What’s even scarier is that those circles aren’t guaranteed. We’ll never know whether we’re at our last circle or not.

Time is a very scarce currency unlike money. You could spend a peso now, say “Salamat, Shopee!” and still be able to earn what you’ve spent. But time doesn’t work like that. You know that once it’s gone, it’s gone. Forever. No amount of hard work can bring it back.

So, how do you make your remaining time worthwhile?

It’s really easy, all you need to do is think. 

Think about the kind of life you want to live, the kind that will make you genuinely happy and then focus all the circles in your life calendar to achieve it.

Stop doubting, remember your circles are limited. You can’t use up a few circles just doubting. Visualize your dream life and make it happen.

Besides, don’t underestimate the value of a single circle, there’s so much you can do in a month especially now that we’re stuck in community quarantine. 

Now, let me ask, how did you spend your last six months? (If you think about it, that’s already 6 circles in your life calendar!)

● Have you finally started working out for your dream body?

● Have you started watching Peaky Blinders  like you’ve initially planned?

● Have you started pursuing that passion project you’ve always thought about doing?

● Have you started reading the books you’ve bought from last year’s Big Bad Wolf?

● Have you started writing that novel that’s stuck in your imagination?

Or have you put them off again thinking, “I’ll do it tomorrow”?

If you’ve read this far, this is a sign from the universe: Just do it.

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