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Hi, my name is Niña Ricci and I love stories.

I’m also a 26-year-old Aquarius.

This is relevant because according to my sister, being an Aquarius is the reason why I share unsolicited facts about the random things I read about.

You would think my family would be thrilled to hear about Schrödinger’s cat at our dinner table, but alas, my mind-blowing narratives only get eye-rolls and quick monosyllabic maneuvers at changing the topic.

Of course, they’d rather hear about the ensuing fight between a neighbor’s cat and my dog when my dog sniffed the cat’s butt.

Every time I’d say, “Did you know…” my sister would be quick to whisper, “You’re being an Aquarius.”

Even when she’s taking a dump and I’m talking to my dog about the composition of the bones she’s chewing, my sister would yell, “Aquarius!”

Eventually, it dawned on me.

All their sighs combined made me realize that nobody in my family loves my awesome tales, not even my dog.

So, I turned to the hero of the 21st century ambiverts: the internet. I crafted this blog so I can freely ramble about the magic of stories and offer—even just a little—practical wisdom from all my misadventures (you know, since my family has had enough).

Hope you enjoy spending your time with my despite my pathetic attempt at writing.